The Blessings of Biblical Womanhood

The definition of womanhood has evolved over the years. Modern society and the feminist movement have done much to alter our perceptions of womanhood. As a result, most women find themselves feeling insecure and inadequate. In Proverbs 31, we read about the essence of Biblical womanhood. God invites women to be set apart from the world. When we glorify Him with our all, we find peace, contentment, and security.

Here are just a few of the blessings of Biblical womanhood:

1. We see things from God's perspective

Without God's help, our human minds are limited to understand what we see, know and experience. We don’t always see as God sees because our perceptions are tainted by pride and selfishness. However, when we prayerfully see things in the light of God’s Word, we make life choices and plans with eternity in mind. We recognize our constant need of God’s guidance and acknowledge that all we do should glorify God.


2. Freedom from unrealistic expectations

When we give God full control over every detail of our lives, others no longer have the power to control us. We let go of our need to please others and live only to please and glorify God. We cease to want what the world wants. We cease to need more, be more and have more. We are freed from the shackles of what others want for us and only want what God has set apart for us.

3. We choose to forgive

When others hurt us, we see them as God sees them. We see them in love. We realize that holding a grudge imprisons us and that forgiveness frees us from being stuck in reactive mode. God calls us to respond in love instead of reacting in anger. His love enables us to choose to forgive, not because it’s the right thing to do, but because God has forgiven us.

4. Disappointments become divine appointments

When we experience hardships with the knowledge that God wants His best for us, we see our hardships as blessings in disguise. Painful past experiences become stepping stones that bring us closer to Him. Trials that bring us to our knees strengthen our faith and endurance. We let go of our fear of pain and claim healing in His Promises. We look forward to surrendering everything to God. We find great joy in praising Him for and through our trials because we realize that every hardship is an opportunity to exercise our faith.

5. We let go of selfishness

When living God’s way is our priority, we not only want what God wants for us, but we look forward to sharing His blessings with others. The thought of keeping everything to ourselves causes us pain. We recognize that we are in danger of idolizing ourselves and our selfish desires.

6. We give to bless others

When our greatest desire is to live with God's standards in mind, we give to bless, without expecting anything in return. We genuinely want others to know God and His Word because we know that a life founded on Him is a life founded on His precepts. We acknowledge that Christ is the source of our joy, and we find more joy in giving than receiving. We realize that in giving of ourselves and God’s blessings to others, we are being a witness of God.

God invites women to be set apart from the world. When we glorify Him with our all, we find peace, contentment, and security with Biblical womanhood.

7. Leads us to healthy relationships

When we are so closely connected to God, we are intentional about our relationships. Gossip and ridicule don’t appeal to us because we know they are not of Christ. Because we know that God blesses those who live as He did, we have Christ-like boldness to uphold boundaries to safeguard our walk with God. We are mindful of the activities we are involved in, our choice of entertainment, the language and vocabulary we expose ourselves to, and the environments we surround ourselves with. We desire to please God with our conversations and relationships.

8. We value contentment

When we are living as God desires us to live, we experience genuine and Christ-centered contentment. We are not defined by the degree we have, the money we earn, the things we own, the size of our home, or the clothes we wear. We are freed from being distracted by comparison and the need to be accepted by others. We cease to look sideways for our security and identity and look to Christ instead. When there is little, we look to heaven with abundant gratitude for the little that we do have. When there is much, we look to God in gratitude and glorify Him for His blessings. We are secure and content in Christ.

9. Teaches us complete surrender

Biblical womanhood takes self out of the equation. In all things, we turn to God first, instead of turning to our spouse, our parents or our best friends. When we confide in God, we know our secrets, struggles, and pain are safe. Surrender makes our pain possible to bear because God bears it for us. He carries and sees us through our struggles while enabling us to find strength in Him and His Word. We cease to personalize the problem by viewing ourselves as victims. In all things, we cling to the assurance that God is the victor.

10. We want God’s will for our lives

When we live as God desires us to live, we are attuned to hear His voice. Our minds are no longer clouded by discontentment or the need for better things. Bitter sacrifices become sweet surrenders. We let go of our pursuit for more. For worldly perfection. For status. For approval. Most importantly, we let go of the crippling desire to meet others’ expectations of who we should be. What we should have. The kind of life we should be living. The finish lines we should have crossed. We give God full permission to write our life story and want what He wants for us.

Biblical womanhood is God’s gift to women. It is a gift that keeps on giving, because when women glorify God with their lives, He is also glorified by their relationships, possessions, jobs, roles, plans, and decisions. A woman that pleases God makes time to be a blessing to others because she is grateful for the life she has and the God she serves.

How has Biblical womanhood been a blessing to you? What would you add to this list? Let me know in the comment section below.

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My name is Aiane Karla. I'm a grateful wife, homemaker, songwriter, photographer, and web designer. I love writing about faith, plant-based cooking, and my adventures in country living. I pray God uses my words to inspire you to live with joyful intention.