October Goals 2019

October Goals 2019 | Aiane Karla

I wrote out my October goals on pen and paper and never looked back. These days, I’ve been simplifying life by writing my goals on a small notebook that sits with my Bible on my bedside. Seeing my goals on paper and getting to cross them off one-by-one helps me to stay focused. I was out and about after a physical therapy appointment when I decided to write my goals down. I’m already halfway through some of them, but it was incredibly helpful to sit down and write them all down.

Next steps for me: Sit down with my CALENDAR and write them in.

October Goals

  1. Read Home Management: Plain and Simple through October

  2. Re-read (or listen to) Steps to Christ

  3. Start preparing baby girl's nursery

  4. Schedule Workout Days into my calendar

  5. Take indoor maternity photos with Kerwin in them

  6. Meet with our doula to discuss our birth plan

  7. Plan freezer meals to cook on crockpot and Instant Pot after the baby’s born

Baby has been going through a huge growth spurt this week, and I have started waddling and feeling uncomfortable in almost every position. Her kicks and movements are getting much stronger and often leaves me feeling short of breath. Our evening routine now involves spending a few minutes sitting on the couch, talking and singing to her, and watching my belly change shapes as she moves to the sound of classical lullabies.

October is going to be a fun month! We’re now officially in the third trimester, and we have started clearing out the baby’s future nursery. Last Sunday, we spent some time comparing car seats and strollers and adding a few items to our baby registry. I can’t believe this is all happening! She’ll be here before we know it!

October Goals 2019 | Aiane Karla | Inspiring the Intentional Home

Time sure flies when you’re carrying and growing your future best friend in your belly. I’m excited to accomplish my goals this month and get my body in better shape before she arrives.

Your turn! Do you have goals for October?