My Return to Songwriting


Songwriting has played a tremendous role in my life. It all began when God turned my life around and gave me a new appreciation for His Word a decade ago. Writing music was my way of capturing devotional thoughts and spiritual lessons in a way that made them easy to remember. Each composition became a musical time capsule that, even today, still reminds me of the big and small victories I gained with God’s help through the years.

Ephesians 5:19 talks about the importance of “speaking to yourselves in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody in your heart to the Lord”. Friend, don’t you just love that?! We get to communicate in song! I don’t know about you, but the music lover in me loves that I get to speak in song!

Remember when I talked about God turning my spiritual life around a decade ago? When Satan was really trying to discourage me during those days, I clung to God’s Word by listening to and singing Scripture songs. And guess what? It worked! My mind was fixed on heavenly things and I felt God’s protection as I claimed His promises in song.

Perhaps it’s the fact that I’m a music lover who’s six months pregnant. Maybe it’s Kerwin’s and my desire to introduce our Little Love to the joy of being acquainted with God’s Word. No matter the reason, my heart feels called to return to songwriting. I long to capture the sweet and tender moments and realizations of pregnancy and motherhood.

A Song for Baby

This morning, I decided to write a song for our baby girl. There were soooo many tears of gratitude shed in the twenty minutes it took to write the first verse. I couldn’t get through each line without sobbing, uncontrollably, while caressing my growing belly and thanking God for our baby. When you experience three losses, each day — each moment — of pregnancy is a miracle and gift you never, EVER, take for granted.

I don’t hide the fact that we suffered loss three times before. Why? Because each loss brought us closer to God and made us so much stronger as a couple. We learned not to ignore the pain, but to acknowledge it and prayerfully find ways to thank the Lord in the midst — and in the thick — of it. I share our story of loss because so many couples need to be reminded that they’re not alone. The struggle is real…but so is the surrender!

Sitting on the piano and writing music again made me reflect on the long and bumpy road we were on these past couple years. We took our time announcing our pregnancy on social media and wanted to give our baby the gift of mom and dad being intentionally in the moment. Present. Unhurried.


Annnnd...cue the Kleenex! When you write a song for someone you’ve waited years for, your tears ducts become CRY-agra Falls. True story! Writing a song for our child has been on my bucket list. I still can’t believe I got to start writing her song!

Here’s a preview of our baby girl’s song. It’s nowhere near done, but it sure feels soooo good to be composing again! Baby girl was making sure to let momma know she was conducting. I could feel her hand moving and pressing near my belly button as I played her song.

I can’t wait to serenade you in December, sweet girl! I’ll be sure to ask your dad to play his violin, too!


BY Aiane Karla Reiswig

Time stood still in that moment when God showed me you would be
Not just a dream, more than a prayer, but real
He took my dreams and made them come true
He heard my prayers and gave me you
Nothing is impossible for God on the road to you

(to be continued)

Here are a few favorites from our mini self-portrait session at our neighborhood this weekend.

“O come, let us sing unto the Lord: let us make a joyful noise to the rock of our salvation.”

— Psalm 95:1