12 Tips for New Homemakers

12 Tips for New Homemakers | Aiane Karla | www.aianekarla.com

If you’re a new homemaker, hooray! You have officially begun an incredibly rewarding, memorable, inspiring, and positively challenging journey. You vowed to love your spouse for the rest of your life. Your wedding is now behind you. What now? How do you manage your home as a new homemaker? In this blog post, I’m sharing tips for new homemakers like you. Here are just a few of my personal favorites:

1. Use the Bible as your homemaking manual

  • Teaches you to keep your eyes on God’s standard of womanhood.

  • Gives you inspiration from the virtuous woman in Proverbs 31.

  • Teaches you how to love, honor, and respect your spouse.

  • Challenges you to maintain a prayerful attitude.

You're officially married. How do you manage your home and life as a new homemaker? In this blog post, I’m sharing tips for new homemakers.

2. Recognize that homemaking is a ministry

  • Keeps you mindful of your witness as a home missionary

  • Reminds you to partner with God in all you do

  • Encourages you to be grateful and humble

  • Teaches you to delight in accomplishing every chore

3. Commune with God first thing in the morning

  • Enables you to surrender your day to God

  • Gives you peace and strength for the challenges ahead

  • Teaches you to stop worrying

  • Allows you to declutter your thoughts

  • Helps you start each morning with a new slate

4. Pray with your spouse daily

  • Teaches you the habit of keeping God first

  • Prevents you from idolizing your spouse and your marriage

  • Strengthens your intimacy

  • Helps you resolve conflicts

  • Repels Satan from attacking your marriage

5. Establish a regular routine

  • Helps you avoid scheduling conflicts

  • Allows you to plan with confidence

  • Creates an atmosphere of stability

  • Enables you to find a rhythm that works for you and your spouse

  • Gives you room to be spontaneous

6. Coordinate your schedules

  • Protects the sanctity of your transition period as newlyweds

  • Helps you keep each other accountable

  • Helps you gain clarity on what and how to prioritize your day

  • Helps you keep your priorities and commitments

12 Tips for New Homemakers | Aiane Karla

7. Create a meal schedule

  • Makes grocery shopping stress-free

  • Saves you time and money

  • Helps you stick to your schedule and routine

  • Gives you the confidence to master your favorite go-to recipes

8. Batch tasks and chores

  • Helps you save time, energy and resources

  • Helps you stick to a routine

  • Helps you become more efficient at multitasking

12 Tips for New Homemakers | Aiane Karla

9. Recycle, repurpose, reuse

  • Teaches you to be resourceful and frugal

  • Prevents unnecessary purchases

  • Frees you from consumerism

  • Encourages you to be creative

10. Shop with purpose and intention

  • Exercises your discipline and self-control

  • Keeps you from overspending

  • Prevents impulse buys

  • Keeps you from being a slave of deceptive marketing

11. Stick to the budget for maximum savings

  • Allows you to give to bless others

  • Helps you avoid and eliminate debt

  • Gives you financial independence

  • Lessens stress on your new marriage

  • Allows you to set aside money for emergencies and savings

  • Enables you to make informed money-related decisions

12 Tips for New Homemakers | Aiane Karla

12. Decide on a few chores to do together

  • Gets you in the habit of working together as a team

  • Gives you more quality time with your spouse

  • Encourages you to keep each other accountable

I have found these tips helpful in my married life. Marriage is an incredible blessing and takes dedication in order for it to be successful. God blesses those who help themselves.

12 Tips for New Homemakers | Aiane Karla | www.aianekarla.com

What are your favorite homemaking tips? How have they been helpful to you? Please leave a comment below.