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Hi, there! I'm Aiane Karla (pronounced AYY-en Karla). I'm a grateful wife, homemaker, prayer warrior, piano teacher, songwriter, professional photographer and web and brand designer. My husband Kerwin and I live in a peaceful town called Valley Center in Southern California.

After living for almost four years in a condo in San Diego just minutes from the Beach, we followed God's call to leave the city and purchase our first home in the country. I didn't know it then, but I think I've always been a country girl at heart. I'm a romantic and love to stargaze away from the bright city lights.

In my faith-based blog, I write about the joys of country living and share some of my favorite plant based recipes. I’m drawn to creative projects and plan to blog about my song compositions and DIY projects.

If we could spend some time together, we’d likely be in my kitchen or out in my garden, and this is what I’d tell you:

Embrace intention...in life, love and faith.

I'm happiest when I'm following the desires God placed in my heart, instead of doing what my heart wants. My path to intention was long and bumpy. It was easier and more convenient to do what my heart told me to do. But it wasn't until I delighted myself in the Lord that I found unsurpassable and complete joy, all while being content and at peace. 

Live a life of surrender.

If I were to point my finger at the biggest cause of worry, fear and doubt in life, you would see me pointing at myself. Worry, fear and doubt have a funny way of multiplying. But so does God's power to overcome. When the boulders on my shoulders weigh me down, I find peace and strength in surrendering everything to God.


Prayer is humble boldness on bended knee. It takes humility to acknowledge my own weakness. It takes boldness to acknowledge that God is greater than the sum of my biggest worries. My favorite blessings were saturated in prayer — both before and after they became reality. The simple act of prayer recognizes our need of God and acknowledges His power in our life.

I'm incredibly passionate about helping women discover joy in intentional living. This blog is my online journal and sounding board — a space to share musings, life updates, testimonies and vegan recipes from our home sweet country home. Occasionally, I'll share an original composition or two. I hope you stay a while and say hello. Thank you for stopping by and welcome to my blog!