Hi! My name is Aiane Karla, but you can call me Karla. I'm a grateful wife, homemaker, prayer warrior, musician, photographer and plant-based home chef. My husband and I live in a peaceful town called Valley Center in Southern California. After living for almost four years in a condo just minutes from Del Mar Beach, we followed God's call to leave the city and purchase our first home in the countryside. I didn't know it then, but I think I've always been a country girl at heart. I'm a romantic at heart and love to stargaze away from the bright city lights.

My husband Kerwin and I are excited to plant fruit trees and start our very own organic kitchen garden and hope to feed our family of two with fresh fruits and veggies grown right at our own front yard. I'm very new to country living, but it sure feels like I was always meant to live in my peaceful home sweet country home.

 Join me on my journey as I discover the simple joys of country living.